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Participant of International Conference on Gender and Development (ICGD) 2018
Prof. Dr. Rabina Yunus, M.Si.
Abd. Kahar Muzakkir

ISBN: 978-602-5522-17-8

First published in July 2018
pp. xii + 92; 21 cm x 29 cm
Member of IKAPI

International Conference on Gender and Development (ICGD) 2018 was held on the campus of Hasanuddin University in Makassar during 10-11 July 2018. In this activity, 91 abstracts of scientific papers will be presented so that it has many useful discussions and exchanges that contribute to the success of the conference.
The 91 abstracts that were presented on the first two days formed the heart of the conference and provided ample opportunity for discussion. This change, allowing the conference to end with invited talks, was a departure from the format used at previous ICGD gatherings in which the conferences ended with a poster session. The abstracts were split almost equally between the ten sub-themes. Of the abstracts presented, 91 of which are included in the volume of this process, P3KG Hasanuddin University for the first time publishes an abstract and collaborates with SIGn publishers.

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